Traditions Free Checking

  • $100 to open 
  • NO monthly fee 
  • Plus NO limit on check writing 
  • Plus NO per check fees 
  • Plus NO minimum balance requirements 
  • Plus FREE Traditions First Bank MasterCard Check Card (must qualify) 
  • Client selects and purchases checks 

Value Checking

  • $100 to open 
  • No minimum balance required
  • Unlimited check writing 
  • $5 per month service charge 
  • Notary Service 
  • Free MasterCard Debit Card (upon approval) 
  • Client selects and purchases checks 
  • $10,000 AD&D Insurance* 
  • Credit card protection 
  • Key Ring Registration 
  • Debit Secure 
  • Travel & entertainment discounts 
  • Theme Park & Movie Discounts 
  • Travel rewards program 
  • Contact Lens Discounts 
  • Mail Order Vitamins & Supplements 
  • Discount long distance telephone service 
  • Grocery coupons 

Value Plus Checking

  • $100 to open 
  • $10 per month service charge 
  • Receive same benefits of “Value Checking” plus these extras: 
  • Standard Traditions First Bank checks at no extra charge 
  • No fee on Cashier’s Checks & Money Orders 
  • $20,000 AD&D Insurance* 
  • KidCare® Child ID Program 
  • 90-Day Buyer’s Protection & Extended Warranty 
  • Custom Trip Routing 
  • Local Pharmacy Card 
  • Medical ID Card 
  • Vision Care 

Preferred Checking Account

  • $100 to open 
  • Interest bearing checking account $1,000 minimum balance, below minimum balance $7 per month service charge 
  • Unlimited check writing 
  • Client selects and purchases checks
  • Interest paid on all balances with tiered rates 

Traditional Senior Account

  •  $100 to open 
  • Interest bearing checking account for those 60 years and older with service charge fees waived 
  • No minimum balance 
  • Unlimited check writing 
  • Includes these items with no extra charge: domestic wire transfers, money orders and cashier’s checks 
  • Standard checks at no charge 
  • 50% discount on other personal check orders 

Student Checking

  • $50 to open 
  • For persons 24 years or younger who are part-time or full-time students 
  • Monthly service charge fees are waived 
  • First order of 50 standard checks are free 
  • Unlimited check writing 

Money Market

Traditions First Money Market Account

  • $100 to open 
  • $1,000 minimum balance 
  • Below minimum balance $9 service charge 
  • $1 charge for each debit drawn on the account over 6 per statement cycle
  • Interest paid on tiered rates 
  • Limited transactions. 

* This insurance product is not a deposit or other obligation of Traditions First Bank nor guaranteed by Traditions First Bank, nor is it insured by the FDIC, any other federal agency, Traditions First Bank, or any affiliate of Traditions First Bank.

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